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First Practice


After having our season cut short by Covid lockdowns etc it was awesome to finally get out on the dirt for the first of three practices at Koken Woodfordglen Speedway on Saturday 26th September. With the likes of well known Formula ford and minis competitor Bailey Paterson, former Black Cap cricketer and sprintcar racer Nathan Astle making a move to the class and Queenstown Sprintcar competitor Jason Scott doing double duties all joining the class along with regulars Mike Gourley, Dan Rae, Andy Naven, Kevin Ban, Hayden Corbett, Jake Ackers, Steve Sinclair, Evan Nichol and a host of others including our visitors from the coast Brandon Parkinson, Iain Whyte , Steve Thompson and Atama Holland its definitely going to be an exciting season ahead, Five cars came out for the opening practice with the Edge Parts & Performance 69c Modified of Andrew Naven,, Chucky Racings 22c of Hayden Corbett, The New chassis of 49c Horsepower Heads , 13 c Raceworks of Evan Nichol and The new 82c Modified of Stephan Sinclair all giving their cars a good run.. With two more practices scheduled on the 3rd & 10th of October, its likely we will see an increase in numbers wanting to give their cars a run before opening night on the 24th October. Have a great day everyone and lets flick some dirt

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Second Practice


An awesome field of cars turned out for the 2nd practice. with the former Steve Sinclair car now in the hands of 10c Nathan Astle have a good first up hit out, and putting the car through its paces, Kevin Ban had the 49c Modified humming as did Hayden Corbett in the 22c MDS sponsored car. Mike Gourley, Cassandra Massey and Steve Sinclair were all on the pace. Over on the coast Brandon Parkinson unveiled the new look 5GM Recreation Hotel car and we are looking forward to seeing the coasters at WFGs first meeting of the 2020 season. Down in Queenstown sprintcar competitor Jason Scott revealed the 88T Edge Parts & Performance car

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Moller Young NZ Trophy Challenge 24/10/2020


Modifieds Heat 1 82c Stephan Sinclair 69c. Andrew Naven 10c. Nathan Astle 9c, Gary lennon 18c Jacob Mitchell 4c Mike Gourley . 22c. Hayden Corbett 13, Evan Nichol 11c Cassandra Massey 49c Kevin Ban dnf Heat 2 Mike Gourley Stephan Sinclair Hayden Corbett Gary Lennon Kevin Ban Nathan Astle Andrew Naven Evan Nichol Cassandra Massey Jacob Mitchell Heat 3 Nathan Astle Steve Sinclair Mike Gourley Hayden Corbett Andrew Naven Cassandra Massey Evan Nichol Dnf Garry Lennon Kevin Ban Overall Placings Steve Sinclair Nathan Astle Mike Gourley Hayden Corbett Andrew Naven

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Brown & Symes Painting Contractors Fireworks Extravaganza