In 1978, Woodfordglen  Speedway renamed  them super stocks and in 1979 they were one again renamed Sportsman,  Ross Baker drafted the first lot of rules. They have had a couple of name changes. Starting with Modified Sportsman which is a direct shoot off from saloons up to the present day. They are now  one of the fastest   classes of speedway   around and called Modifieds .

The rules were about the same as stock rods which were a popular class of racing in the USA, Apart from no contact and it had to be two door car body, no side bars, and four wheel compulsory brakes. The class was originally started up to provide cheap fast cars without a lot of maintenance.

Competitors, all South Island legends in their own right, Jeff & Allan Kirk, Joe Annan, Mike Allan, Gordon Foster, Pete Muckle, Greg & Luke Keegan, Stephan Crowe,  Trevor Wishart Robbie Brown, Ross Troughton John Lovelady, Tony & Cliff Frost and  Allan Brand  who was the first South Islander to win a NZ Champs at the Glen 1982 based out of  Southlands Riverside Speedway   are names many  South Island fans will remember.