Format & Groups

Format & Groups
Garage16 Media NZ Modified Champs Format

Drivers are split into 6 seeded groups
Each group races 5 heats, 3 heats Friday, 2 heats on Saturday. 
Each group races each other once with Grid positions randomly generated via computer.

After 15 heats the top 16 on points transfer directly to the 30 lap final (top qualifier will choose which lane to start off from the front row), the remaining non-qualifiers will go into either 1 of 2 repecharge races.

Two repecharges, highest non qualifying points grid 1 repecharge 1, 2nd highest non qualifying points grid 1 repecharge 2 and alternated so on. Top 2 in each repecharge to last 4 places on grid for 30 lapper.

Round 1
Group 1 vs group 2
Group 3 vs group 5
Group 4 vs group 6
Round 2
Group 1 vs group 3
Group 2 vs group 6
Group 4 vs group 5
Round 3
Group 2 vs group 3
Group 1 vs group 4
Group 5 vs group 6

Round 4
Group 2 vs group 4
Group 1 vs group 5
Group 3 vs group 6
Round 5
Group 2 vs group 5
Group 3 vs group 4
Group 1 vs group 6
Group 1 Ko-ken Tools
Rep - Angela McLean
1NZ Brad Lane
5W Brian McPhee
13C Evan Nicol
24C Dan Rae
52H Jordan Hunter
81W Damon Smith
Group 2 Anderton Decorators 
Rep - Phillip Allan
2NZ Blair McPhee
9C Garry Lennon
21H Garry Parker
22S Aiden Crawford
69C Andrew Naven
193H Syd Ferguson
Group 3 Edge Parts & Performance 
Rep - Brett Stack
3NZ Luke Brown
10C Nathan Astle
17W  Jonas England
32GM  Iain Whyte
71C Jake Ackers
88T Jason Scott
Group 4 PG Hydraulics 
Rep - Angela McLean
4C Michael Gourley
11A Jamie Fox
18C Jacob Mitchell
22C Hayden Corbett
53H Barry Hunter
63A Daniel Crumpe
Group 5 Value Cars Warehouse 
Rep - Phillip Allan
5C Bailey Paterson
11C Cassandra Massey
21S Newton Gordge
54GM Steve Thompson
67S Bunter Pierce
82C Steve Sinclair
Group 6 Recreation Hotel 
Rep - Brett Stack
5GM Brandon Parkinson
12S Jason Kalin
48GM Atama Holland
49C Kevin Ban
71S John Jackson
99C Ralph Godwin

36 cars, 16 direct qualifiers after 5 heats each & 4 cars to come from the repecharges to form a 20 car winner takes all final