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2021 Garage 16 NZ Modified Championships Night 1 & 2

Format & Groups

Format & Groups for the Garage16 Media 2021 NZ Modified Championships


Night 1 consisted of each Group racing 3 x15 lap heats Heat 1 1NZ Brad lane 11A Jamie Fox 24c Dan Rae Heat 2 2NZ Blair McPhee 82c Steve Sinclair 21S Newton Gordge Heat 3 3NZ Luke Brown 5gm Brandon Parkinson 32gm Iain Whyte Heat 4 9c Garry Lennon 2nz Blair McPhee 21S Newton Gordge Heat 5 10c Nathan Astle 3nz Luke Brown 71s John Jackson Heat 6 18c Jacob Mitchell 67s Bunter Pierce 11A Jamie Fox Heat 7 18c Jacob Mitchell 22c Hayden Corbett 4c Mike Gourley Heat 8 71S John Jackson 21s Newton Gordge 88C Jason Scott Heat 9 48gm Atama Holland 67s Bunter Pierce 5gm Brandon Parkinson Night 2 consisted of each 6 x 15 lap Heats with the Top 16 Points Scorers advancing straight to the final, with the first 4 home in the repcharge making up the final field of 20, Heat 10 1nz Brad lane 67s Bunter Pierce 63a Daniel Crumpe Heat 11 4c Mike Gourley 3nz Luke Brown 18c Jacob Mitchell Heat 12 2nz Blair McPhee 99c Ralph Godwin 9c Garry Lennon Heat 13 3nz Luke Brown 88c Jason Scott 67s Bunter Pierce Heat 14 99c Ralph Godwin 1nz Brad Lane 12s Jason Kalin Heat 15 4c Mike Gourley 2nz Blair McPhee 18c Jacob Mitchell 1x 15 Lap Repechage 32gm Iain Whyte 120c Nathan Astle 69c Andrew Naven 11c Cassandra Massey 59C Allan Haigh 13c Evan Nicol 54gm Steve Thompson Due to 21h Gary Parker & 21s Newton Gordge pulling out due to car issues 5 drivers went through from the repechage 32gm Iain Whyte , 10c Nathan Astle ,69c Andrew Naven 11c Cassandra Massey ,59c Allan Haigh. The 30 Lap Final on a very slick track was the Highlight of the night with 3nz Luke Brown taking the win from 2nz Blair McPhee in 2nd with 11a Jamie Fox crossing the line in 3rd spot but was later excluded from the result and 18 year old Jacob Mitchell in the 18c car promoted to 3rd spot and crowned 3nz. 4th place went to the 4c Mike Gourley. Final Placings 1 3NZ Luke Brown 2 2NZ Blair McPhee 3 18C Jacob Mitchell 4 4C Michael Gourley 5 67S Bunter Pierce 6 5GM Brandon Parkinson 7 12S Jason Kalin 8 88T Jason Scott 9 22C Hayden Corbett 10 99C Ralph Godwin 11 10C Nathan Astle 12 9C Garry Lennon 13 32G Iain Whyte 14 59C Allan Haigh 15 11C Cassandra Massey DNF 1NZ Brad Lane DNF 71S John Jackson DNF 63A Daniel Crumpe DNF 69C Andrew Naven EXC 11A Jamie Fox